Wappen Von Hamburg – Corel


Length 43″ Height 36″ Scale 1:40
Advanced Level
Plank-On-Bulkhead Wood Hull Construction

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Wappen Von Hamburg

Wappen Von Hamburg was commissioned in 1669 by the Hamburg Admiralty and the merchants and had the task to accompany ship convoys to Hamburg’s overseas trading partners and to protect them from enemy attacks or raids by corsairs or pirates . The ship was the victim of a fire after eleven convoy voyages and exploded in 1683 in the port of Cádiz . The Admiral Berend Jacobsen Karpfanger , who remained on board until the very end of his life, enjoying heroic status in Hamburg through the successful fight against pirates, died in this accident.

The Wapen of Hamburg is the first of four convoy ships, which bore this name. It was built in the shipyard at the Theerhof in Hamburg. The ship was not allowed to have excessive draft, as otherwise the shallows of the Elbe, especially the Altonaer sand, could not have happened safely. Knowing that a wide, low-mast ship had more rigidity and strength to rear up in troubled seas, and a narrow, tall-masted ship sailed faster, the shipbuilder combined intersections of both properties in this ship and created a good compromise between stability and sailing speed.

The ship was a Rahsegler with three masts ( Besanmast , main mast and Fockmast ). Only on Besanmast was located on the lowest position (Unterbesansegel) a Lateen sail . In addition, could the bowsprit nor the blind , the upper blind (Bouvenblinde) are set and the Bugsprietmast.

Corel’s Wappen Von Hamburg is a magnificent example of a 17th century German fighting ship. Technical accuracy in Corel’s plank-on-bulkhead kit is superb, and materials are the finest available. All poplar, walnut and other wooden parts are pre-cut. Fittings in gilded cast metal, copper, brass, boxwood and walnut replicate every detail of the original, including the 58 cannon she carried. The lower decks of the finished model can be seen by lifting the upper deck gratings. Plans and instructions, sail material, silk banners, and wooden display cradle complete the kit.

Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by Corel Ship Model
Length 43″ Height 36″ Scale 1:40
Advanced Level
Plank-On-Bulkhead Wood Hull Construction

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