Foreign Model Ship Kits

Model ship kits are usually rated as entry level, intermediate level, or advanced level. Although this seems to be self explanatory, there are some other factors involved. European model ship manufacturers, which covers most of the kit manufacturers, are of the opinion that you already have the knowledge and skills to build a model ship and therefore do not need a lot of detailed instructions. This poses problems for many builders who are used to getting very detailed instructions. European manufacturers also rate their kits differently, they rate their kits more on a quantity level than on a skill level. For example, an entry level kit may have only one mast and minimal rigging where an advanced level kit may have three masts and a large quantity of rigging. The skill level would be the same for the two models, only the amount or quantity is more for the advanced level kit.

For foreign model ship kits, Historic Ships recommends that you purchase supplemental books to assist you while learning to build models. Most all of the books listed in our book section are excellent books, but for the novice or beginner we recommend one or more of the following books; Ship Modeling Simplified, Planking Techniques, and Ship modeling Stem To Stern.