Victory Ship


(BJ-K1008) Length 27 1/2″ / Scale 1/16″ = 1′

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Victory Ship (BJ-K1008) Length 27 1/2″ / Scale 1/16″ = 1′

Mid – 1940s – The Victory Ship made its appearance late in the war and was designed to replace the emergency Liberty ship. Larger and equipped with more powerful and modern engines than the Liberty ships, more than 500 were built, forming the backbone of the post-war U.S. Merchant Marine and serving under many foreign flags.

A re-release of the original 1946 Boucher kit, the Victory Ship has been completely upgraded, the plans cleaned up and new instructions written.

The kit includes a machine carved hull, Britannia metal and brass fittings, wood, wire and rigging line…all the materials you need to create an unusual and beautiful model cargo ship.

Recommended for intermediate and experienced modelers

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