USS Arleigh Burke – BlueJacket


BlueJacket, #K2051
Solid Hull Construction
Scale: 1/8″ = 1′ (1:96)
Length: 28 1/2″


USS Arleigh Burke, DDG-51, wooden ship model kits by BlueJacket, #K2051

Considered by many to be a break-through design, the BURKE class of guided missile destroyers utilizes the highly sophisticated AEGIS radar system, as well as many other technological innovations that make them unique. All this and she still is a “pretty” ship-long, lean, and with a thoroughly modern silhouette.

Dr. Al Ross starting designing true multimedia model kits, with his very successful USS MAINE, followed by the USS OLYMPIA. Using the most modern techniques available to us, a carved, laminated basswood hull, over 600 acid etched brass parts, custom Britannia fittings, laser cut and resin parts, Al’s latest creation is indeed, impressive. . Al’s reputation for accuracy is well displayed in this model. His plans are based upon the original US Navy NAVSEA plans!

Scale: 1/16″
Length: 32″