Titanic – Part 2 – Mantua

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Part 2 (MA726) Length 53″ / Beam 5-1/2″ / Scale 1:200


Titanic – Part 2 (MA726) Length 53″ / Beam 5-1/2″ / Scale 1:200

Part 2 – R/C Components – Mantua Model of Italy is making some modeling projects easy and affordable. Realizing that building a fine ship model takes time, they’ve split this larger kit into several manageable sections. Logic and construction sequence dictate how each kit is divided.

The first section consists of hull components; the second includes the deck and its furnishings, while the third contains ornamentation and so on. Assembling your model this way is easier and less intimidating. Best of all, you pay as you build, buying each section when you’ve finished the last.

Mantua Model’s RMS Titanic is a monumental achievement not only in size, but in historical authenticity, scale accuracy and quality of materials. Laser cut wooden keel and frames give the hull strength and double planking assures a smooth and beautiful exterior.

Decks are planked with white maple strips and are complete with cabins, doors and windows. Intricate laser cuts are used for decorative detailing. Mahogany hand rails and stairs, wood, metal and brass parts are just a few of the hundreds of fittings.

Prop shafts and three brass propellers are also included. Mantua has divided this model into five kits. This item number includes all parts necessary to complete the hull. All five kits come with detailed instruction booklets featuring hundreds of color construction photos and full scale plans.

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