Sirius Classic Fishing Trawler – Krick


Scale: 1:16 Length: 35.43 inches Beam: 13.00 inches.


Sirius Classic Fishing Trawler Kit (KR21460)

Sirius is the classic in our ship model range and for years one of the most popular building kits. The reason for this is surely due to his high model loyalty, which is due above all to the owner of the original, who carefully photographed and measured the ship down to the smallest detail. The motif of this magnificent bullish cotter is especially impressive, and if you have something special about it, you should be able to make the nets lowerable.

The kit of the Sirius Classic Fishing Trawler Kit is very richly equipped. The spacious hull is made of ABS, the deck is covered with precious wood. All superstructures are made of precious wood parts. The masts made of brass pipe and the fitting set with countless small metal parts leave nothing to be desired. Exemplary nets and lettering as well as a detailed construction plan with instructions and many details sketches facilitate the assembly.

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