Diamond Bit Set – ModelCraft


• 20 diamond engraving bits
• Mounted on 2.35mm shafts
• Suitable for use on wood, metal, plastic and glass
• Supplied in handy pop-up container
• Ideal for hobby, craft, electronics, restoration, small DIY and renovation


Rotacraft RFR6200 20 Pce Diamond Bit Set
Diamond engraving bits for precision engraving on ceramics, metal, plastic, wood and glass. Also alpha-numeric engraving stencil. Can be used to various applications including carving, grinding and etching on a variety materials. These will be useful to use in miniature rotary power tools.

Mini Rotary Tools

They are ideal for hobby, electronics, craft, restoration, renovation and smaller DIY jobs. The accessories are the business end of the electric and the comprehensive rotacraft range covers a wide variety of tasks: cutting & grinding, drilling, engraving, cleaning & polishing, sanding & shaping, carving & milling.