Chamois Buff – ModelCraft

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• Maximum speed 12,000 rpm
• Shaft diameter 2.35mm (3/32″)
• Do not add too much pressure – let the tool do the work
• Ideal for delicate polishing and finishing work on metals, plastics, glass
• And ceramics, marble and other stones. rouge (not supplied)


Rotacraft Chamois Buff x 2
These chamois buffs are used for materials such as ceramics, marble and other stones with a maximum speed of 12,000 rpm. Also ideal for delicate polishing and finishing work on metals, plastics and glass.

Cleaning & Polishing
The Rotacraft collections includes a selection of buffs, wheels & brushes, for effective cleaning & polishing. The steel, brass, goat hair wire brushes are for de-rusting, paint removal and other cleaning tasks on metals whilst the felt, wool, cotton and silicon are for polishing and buffing on metals, glass, marble, ceramics and stones.