Robin Hood Sword

(MT754) Length: 52″ / Width: 12″ / Weight: 8 lbs



Robin Hood Sword (MT754) Length: 52″ / Width: 12″ / Weight: 8 lbs

Marto Robin Hood Swords for sale are made to honor any modern day Prince of Thieves. These swords are made in Spain by Marto and measure 48 inches in all.

The 37 5/8th inch unsharpened blade is crafted of tempered AISI 440 stainless steel with an extremely shiny mirror polish.

The blade features black colored medieval pictures that could be Little John, Friar Tuck or Robin Hood himself.

The wheel pommel, guard and all the fittings are crafted of antique silver-plated cast metal with 24kt gold plated embellishments.

The handle is made of cast metal covered in black genuine leather.

Engraved onto the 24kt gold plated handle are faux emerald stones and the words Earl of Huntington.

These popular medieval swords do not include a scabbard and are more suited for display.

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Weight 8 lbs



Swords crafted by Marto of Spain, an international leader in the manufacture of swords Located in Toledo, Marto has collected all the knowledge and experience of over 100 years of specialized work in the manufacture of our traditional craft from Toledo and has irreplaceable master craftsmen, sword makers, experts and professionals, some trained in the historic National Factory of Weapons from Toledo, who continue today playing this work, keeping prominently deserved prestige, nationally and internationally, that have all our brands – Marto, Bermejo.