Rigging Period Fore and Aft (Softcover)

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112 pages, 200 black and white line drawings


Rigging Period Fore and Aft (Softcover)

This book by Lennarth Petersson. Employing superb, clear draughtsmanship, this book illustrates each and every detail of the rigging of typical period fore-and-aft vessels.

The rigging of period ship models is arguably the most complex task that any modeler has to accomplish; the intricacies can be daunting and visual references limited. The author’s first book, Rigging Period Ship Models, was a triumph of clarity for those needing to decipher the complexities of the square rig and has now sold in multiple editions. This book does the same for fore-and-aft craft and deploys three typical eighteenth-century types – an English cutter, a three-masted French lugger, and an American schooner. Some 200 diagrams show clearly where each separate item of standing and running rigging is fitted, led and belayed. Whatever the requirements of the model maker, all the information is here.

This new paperback edition brings a visual clarity to the complexities of period rigging and will delight anyone with an interest in the rigging of traditional fore-and-aft craft. Rigging is one of the areas in ship modeling we get the most questions about. This book is what we recommend for those who are more of a visual learner instead of a written text learner.

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