Ramborator Springer Tug – Aero-Naut

Width 7.87 in (200mm)
Weight [g] 1500
Length 17.91 in (455mm)
Plastic Hull


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Ramborator Springer Tug
no .: 304800
Category: work ships, ship models
EAN: 4012230103167
Difficulty level construction: 2/5 (beginners)
Model version : Complete kit
Material hull: wood
Length: 455

The Springer Tugs drive on the American rivers as push boats and carry out transport and maneuvering tasks. They are built very easily and quickly. Since they can also be kept and built very simply as models, springer tug matches with these models were developed in England and America. Simple rules were established, only the actual hull, the drive and the rudder are regulated to ensure equal opportunities. A few years ago this wave also spilled over to Germany. These models can be used to take skill courses, but also to play water polo with teams. The models are therefore kept simple by the equipment. The Ramborator Springer complies with these rules and is ready to drive after a few hours of construction.

The Ramborator Springer Tug kit contains: All plywood parts required for construction with appropriate fits for plugging together and gluing. The kit also contains strips, shaft and rudder as well as the fitting set. The colored instructions are provided with many building sketches.

Width 7.87 in (200mm)
Weight [g] 1500
Length 17.91 in (455mm)

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