Lobster Boat


(BJ-KLW207) Length 21 1/2″ / Scale 3/4″=1′

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Lobster Boat (BJ-KLW207) Length 21 1/2″ / Scale 3/4″=1′

Built for working the unpredictable waters of the Gulf of Maine, along an unforgiving coast, the Maine Lobster Boat with its high wave-cutting bow and long roomy cockpit is the seaworthy result of decades of design adjustments based on hard experience.

With powerful, souped-up engines, these boats can be surprisingly fast — 40 knots is not unknown — and the professional lobstermen take their annual lobster boat races very seriously.

The new kit, developed by professional modeler Peter Demarest, represents a typical working boat in its simplicity and absence of frills.

The kit includes many laser-cut basswood and plywood frames, deckhouse and cabin, basswood dowels and mahogany for planking and other parts, as well as brass rod and tubing, plastic window glazing and a selection of finely-detailed cast Britannia metal fittings.Full size plans and complete detailed instructions are provided, as are materials and plans for lobster traps, buoys, a bait tank and a lobster storage box. parts for a display cradle are included.

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