Handbook of Knotting and Splicing


The Handbook of Knotting and Splicing

Paul N. Hasluck


160 pages

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Handbook of Knotting and Splicing By Paul N. Hasluck

Generations of scouts and sailors have learned their lore from this classic reference by a master craftsman. Editor Paul N. Hasluck was a renowned contributor to numerous technical journals as well as the author of several books on crafts and antiques. His clearly written guide is amply illustrated with 208 figures, dates from the turn of the twentieth century and offers timeless instruction for knotters and splicers of ropes.

Starting with simple and useful knots, this manual proceeds to more complex varieties: eye knots, hitches, and bends; ring knots and rope shortenings; ties and lashings; and fancy knots. Additional topics include rope splicing; working cordage; hammock making; lashings and ties for scaffolding; and splicing and socketing wire ropes. A helpful index appears at the end, and a list of illustrations identifies the figures in order of appearance.

Chapter List:

I. Introduction: Rope Formation
II. Simple and Useful Knots
III. Eye Knots, Hitches, and Bends
IV. Ring Knots and Rope Shortenings
V. Ties and Lashings
VI. Fancy Knots
VII. Rope Splicing
VIII. Working Cordage
IX. Hammock Making
X. Lashings and Ties for Scaffolding
XI. Splicing and Socketing Wire Rope

For any of our ship builders who have issues with rigging and some of the other more complex rope techniques of model (and real) ships; this is an excellent guide to help you on your build. For those who just enjoy reading about knots and how to tie different types, this is also a good book for you. The Handbook of Knotting and Splicing by Paul N. Hasluck is a 160 page paperback edition and a reprint of the 1904 London edition; this is a wonderful addition to the books shelf and a great gift for the young cub scout to the seasoned model ship builder to those just interested in creating unique knots!


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