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Fly Swan Class sloop Scale: 1:64 Length: 80 cm



HMS Fly (AM1300/03) Fly Swan Class sloop Scale: 1:64 Length: 80 cm

HMS Fly was a Swan class ship sloop of the Royal Navy and was launched on 14 September 1776. She performed mainly convoy escort duties during the French Revolutionary Wars, though she did capture three privateers. She foundered and was lost with all hands early in 1802.

Between 1766 and 1780 the Admiralty had 25 vessels of her class built to a design by Sir John Williams. On 1 August 1775 the Admiralty ordered her built at Sheerness Dockyard, and she was the sixth one ordered. Her keel was laid in January 1776, she was launched on 14 September, and completed on 19 October.

The Swan class sloops were unusually attractive for the class of vessel. Not only did they have sleek hull lines but they also carried an unusual amount of decoration for their size. They were built just before the Admiralty issued orders that all vessels (especially lesser rates and unrated vessels) have minimal decoration and carvings to save on costs, due to the seemingly ever-continuing war with France and other nations.

The kit includes laser cut keel, frames and decks; deck planking; double planking for the hull; metal and brass photo-etched accessories; instruction booklet; detailed plans. Wooden pedestal and brass columns are not included.

Scale 1:64
Total Length 31.5″
Height 23.6″

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Weight 20 lbs



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