HMS Enterprize (MK003)


HMS Enterprize 1:96 – Shipyard MK003 – Paper Model Kit


HMS Enterprize (MK003) Paper Model No. 69

CAT. NO. MK:003

scale 1:96
length: 66 cm

Paper model includes:

  • 70 Color photos
  • The history of the ship and description of the model construction translated to Polish, German and English language.
  • 12 A3 pages of printed parts
  • Laser-cut ship skeleton
  • Flags printed on canvas paper
  • 15 A3 pages with drawings and templates

Please note as with all products in Shipyard’s Paper Model line of kits, this kit does not include dowels for the masts and yards, sail material or rigging line. Those can be easily obtained separately.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs