(BJ-KLW134) Length 17″ / Scale 1″=1′

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Herreshoff (BJ-KLW134) Length 17″ / Scale 1″=1′

Drawn up in 1914 by famed designer Nathaniel Herreshoff for yachtsmen who wanted a training sailboat for their children, this “Buzzard’s Bay Boys’ Boat,” as he called it, has never lost its popularity. Also known as the “Doughdish,” over 3000 have been built, in wood and fiberglass, with gaff and Marconi sails.

The BlueJacket kit faithfully reproduces this easy-to-handle, stable boat as Herreshoff envisioned it, and is a good choice for those who wish to learn to build a plank-on-bulkhead model.

Laser-cut basswood and mahogany parts, all fittings, rigging, sailcloth and a display stand are supplied, with clear illustrated instructions.

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