Ferrari Arno XI Limited Edition – Amati

Scale: 1:8



Ferrari Arno XI Limited Edition (AM1610)

In the early ‘sixties, Nando Dell Orto the famous powerboat racer, decided to mount a 12 cylinder Ferrari engine on a 3 point hull designed by the Timossi shipyards for the 800 kg inboard class and built in 1953. the engine was specially prepared by Rinaldo Tinarelli, better known as the wizard. The hull structure, with solid wood formers and marine ply skin, was both flexible and strong enough to withstand the stresses of racing. The engine fairing and tail fin, painted Ferrari red with the famous prancing horse logo, soon became synonyms for sheer power.

Amati’s Ferrari Arno XI Limited Edition kit includes ready made fiberglass hull, completely planked with mahogany wood ready to be varnished. The superstructure is premade in one piece in matt white fiberglass ready to be painted. The seat, cabin padding and headrest are hand made and covered with red simulated leather, ready sewn. All fittings, accessories and exhaust pipes are cast in solid brass and chrome plated. This wooden model ship kit includes very detailed photo-etched parts to complete this realistic model.

Scale 1:8 – Total Length 31″

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Weight 20 lbs



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