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(BB560) Length 37″/Height 13″/Width 6.7″/Scale 1:45



Calypso (BB560) Length 37″/Height 13″/Width 6.7″/Scale 1:45

The Calypso was built in the USA in 1942 as a minesweeper. she was bought in 1950 by Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and after extensive changes and modifications became a fully equipped ocean research vessel, complete with observation chamber, inflatable boat for shallow waters, helicopter, and much other submarine equipment.

ABS plastic hull.

Complete fittings in wood, plastic and brass, full illustrated instructions and plans, flags, decals and logos.

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Weight 11 lbs


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Billing Boats of Denmark has been a major manufacturer of wooden ship model kits since 1958. Kits are either plank-on-bulkhead wood kits or feature ABS plastic hulls. Many are designed for radio control (RC) operation.
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