Zwarte Zee – Billing Boats


1:90 Scale


Zwarte Zee (BB592)

The ZWARTE ZEE commissioned in 1963, is a single-screw oceangoing motortug with a gross tonnage of 1539 tons, built by J. K. Smit’s Scheepswerven N.V. at Kinderdijk (Holland) to class Lloyd’s Register 100 A 1 Tug. Her main dimensions are: Length o.a. 77.50 m Length b.p.p. 68.50 m Beam mld. 12.35 m Depth mld. 6.90 m Draft at C.W.L. 5.75 m The propelling machinery, installed midships, comprises two SmitM.A.N. turbo-charged diesel engines, fourstroke, single acting, direct reversible, with a combined output of 9,000 ihp.

These engines drive a single propeller shaft through Vulcan fluid couplings and reduction gear. If quick manoeuvring is desired one engine may be run ahead while the other engine is running astern. The reversing of the direction of rotation of the propeller may then be attained by simply clutching either one of the engines to the gear. The free running speed exceeds 18 knots. The tug’s large bunker capacity enables her to perform ocean towages with heavy objects over very long distances without having to refuel en route. Three generator sets of 240 kW each supply 220 Volt direct current, whilst for emergency cases an additional 20 kW compressor generator set is installed.

Adjacent to the engine room is a workshop equipped with various machine tools: lathe, shaping machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, welding units, as well as a welding converter which can be used in underwater cutting or welding. The ZWARTE ZEE is equipped with two fibreglass boats, each with a capacity of 40 persons. For the transport of materials etc. during salvage operations, the tug carries a workboat which is lowered by means of a hydraulic crane.

This kit features a pre shaped plastic hull and all necessary fittings to complete the model. While there are instructions included, may builders fid them hard to understand. We highly recommend looking at the instructions and diagrams prior to purchase which cna be found here and here.

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