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1:92 Scale



The 1/192 scale CSS Virginia II requires novice skills, but construction is very straightforward.

CSS Virginia II (named after the original Virginia) was a Confederate Navy steam-powered ironclad ram laid down in 1862 at the William Graves’ shipyard in Richmond, Virginia. In order to conserve scarce iron plating, the ship’s armored casemate was shortened from the original building plans; in addition, the ship’s iron-plating, while six inches thick on the casemate’s forward face, was reduced to five inches on her port, starboard, and aft faces. Due to the shortening of her casemate, the number of her cannon were reduced to a single 11″ smooth bore, a single 8″ rifle, and two 6.4″ rifles.

Virginia II went into action on June 21, 1864 as the flagship of Commodore John K. Mitchell, CSN Virginia II participated in battles at Trent’s Reach, Dutch Gap, Signal Hill, New Market Heights, and Fort Harrison. Her final action took place on January 23–24, 1865 when the Confederate squadron including ironclads Virginia II, CSS Richmond, and CSS Fredericksburg, with five smaller vessels, made a second unsuccessful attempt to circumvent obstructions in Trent’s Reach.

Virginia II ran aground and smaller ships tried to free her for three hours. Her repairs had just been completed when Virginia II and the other Confederate warships of the James River Squadron were ordered destroyed to prevent their eventual capture on April 3, 1865. Following the end war, the wreck of the Virginia II was raised for salvage.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8 × 4 in


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