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Length 12.0″ Scale 1/72″


Viking Ship Gokstad 1:72 Scale (D002) Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by Dusek Ship Models
Length 12.0″ Scale 1/72″

The Gokstad ship is a Viking ship excavated in 1880 not far from Sandefjord (Vestfold, Norway) by Nicolay Nicolaysen. The ship was buried in a trench. On board, it had a burial chamber of a wealthy chieftain. Above a large mound was raised. Along with the 24 meters long ship, its oars, pulleys, yards and a ladder were discovered, as well as a woolen cloth and ropes that might have been a sail.

This model represents a Viking ship found in year 1880 near village Gokstad in Norway. The ship was built in second half of ninth century. Excellent nautical ability of the ship was demonstrated in the year 1893 when a replica built by Magnus Anderson took a journey from Norway to USA. Total length of the ship was 24m. A keel and planks were made from oak wood. The ship was propelled by 32 oars and one rectangular sail.

Does not come with tools, paint, glue, display stand or pedestals.

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