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Scale: 1:10 Length: 42.40 inches Beam: 9.96 inches.


Victoria Steam Launch w/o Steam Engine (KR20261)

The Victoria is a typical steam bath of the turn of the century. Your particularly beautiful deck line makes this boat so popular. It was intended as a yacht for private trips and transports to inland waters. For steam engine enthusiasts this model is ideal because of its spacious dimensions.

All work on the steam engine can be carried out easily and without problems. With the steam machine Puffin or Pelican with vertical boiler, the Victoria is ideally equipped and with ample power reserve. The large rudder at the stern makes the ship very controllable, both forward and backward.

The construction kit of the Victoria is designed in such a way that the best possible model is created with the lowest possible construction time. This is why all wood parts are precisely cut with a laser beam in order to achieve the best possible accuracy.

The hull is already molded from ABS. The fitting parts, such as bollards, flags with masts, lamps and sun roof rack are included together with 2 pair of side fenders and a bow fencing as well as a boatman in the equipment set, order number 20263.

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