USS Constitution 40 Inches Long – BlueJacket

(BJ-K1018) Length 40″ / Height 28″ / Scale 1/8″ = 1′



USS Constitution 40 Inches Long (BJ-K1018)

BlueJacket’s U.S.S. Constitution kit is the flagship of their model fleet. Depicted as she appeared during her most glorious years, 1812-1815, she has been updated for the ship’s 200th birthday by designer Larry Arnot, incorporating the latest findings from his on-going research. Launched in 1797, the Constitution spent more time at sea and won more battles during her 58 years in front-line service than any other American warship. Her achievements in combat during the Barbary Wars and the War of 1812 earned her the nickname “Old Ironsides,” even though her hull was constructed of wood.

Larry Arnot, author of both the plans and the instructions in their kit, spent years researching and studying the Constitution. Using the archives of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum, he examined ancient repair records and invoices, studied the ship’s logs, interviewed the ship’s maintenance crew, and took countless measurements on board to create a model of the Constitution as she was during her most outstanding years. He was so successful that this kit was named “The Official Kit of the U.S.S. Constitution Museum.”

The carved basswood hull is solid to the gundeck, which leaves you two decks to completely fit out! You may wish to leave off some of the spar deck planking so the ship’s interior will be open to view.

An extra planking set is available below for planking above the gun deck.

The kit contains over 2,600 fittings of brass and Britannia pewter.

They include: boarding pikes, 12 photo-etched crewsheads, 7 photo-etched brass gratings, 18 swivel guns, a 10 piece set of pewter quarter galleries, 54 guns and carronades with carriages, a photo-etched brass transom with 17 cast ornaments…the list goes on and on.

The 120 page instruction book contains over 100 line drawings and photographs, plus notes on every aspect of the ship and its construction.

You receive 20 different sizes of scale rigging cord and a full set of detailed plans (3 sheets).

Length 40″ / Height 28″ / Scale 1/8″ = 1′

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Weight 20 lbs



BlueJacket is one of the leading manufacturers of quality wooden ship model kits. This Maine-based company is perhaps the oldest ship model kit manufacturer, having been in continuous operation since 1905! The company focuses on American subjects. Most kits feature pre-carved solid wood hull, but many kits are laser-cut plank-on-bulkhead and some are even true plank-on-frame kits.

BlueJacket also maintains the Laughing Whale line of kits, which are predominantly small American watercraft. With the demise of Midwest boat kits, these are about the only source for these small subjects. However, you will find them to be excellent quality kits of classic subjects.

Note that BlueJacket kit instructions are provided in english only.
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