U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert Krick


Scale: 1:24 Length: 34.49 inches Beam: 14.17 inches Height: 27.36 inches.


U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert (KR20240)

The U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert was used on the shores of the United States to track smugglers. For this reason, he was also equipped with a large sail and a keel-shaped deep keel to sail faster and higher in the wind. In the center of the ship on the deck the alert is equipped with a rotating carronade with all accessories, which gives a very nice historical insight into the work on board at that time.

This kit from Krick s relatively simple in its construction, but it contains a lot of interesting details, so you can make it a real museum piece. With this kit, a few medals were won by the builders.

However, this project can also be undertaken by beginners, since the construction plan and building instructions are very detailed. The kit includes all frames, the keel and many plywood parts with laser beam already cut out.

The groin material and the poles for masts and trees are of selected quality. The hardware set contains the cast parts such as cannon tube, rudder dents, anchors and the blocks and yarn for the rigging. Likewise, various parts are made of brass.

The carefully crafted construction plan with a detailed building instruction for the U.S. Revenue Cutter Alert leaves no questions open. It also covers the basics for the beginner in detail. The sail set is available separately as an accessory under item no. Technical specifications: Scale 1:25 Length overall 876 mm Width overall 360 mm Rump length 540 mm Hull width 170 mm Height 695 mm Double planking.

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