Trabaccolo – Amati


Length: 40 cm


Trabaccolo (AM1562) Length: 40 cm

The trabàccolo, is a type of Adriatic Sea sailing coaster. The name comes from the word trabacca, which means tent, which in turn recalls the vessel’s sails. The trabàccolo was a typical Venetian boat-form that dates back to the first half of the 15th century and that spread throughout the Adriatic. Built of oak and larch, trabàccoli were slow but reliable cargo vessels ranging between 50 and 200 deadweight tons. They had round bows and sterns, and were wide, compact, and with good stowage. Other characteristics included a large rudder that extended below the depth of the keel, two masts with lug sails and rigging, a bowsprit, and a carved and colorfully painted stern. The usual such vessel was about 20 metres long, with a breadth equal to about a third of the length. Typically a trabàccolo would have a crew of 10 to 20 sailors.

Today, the Marine Museum of Cesenatico (Museo della Marineria di Cesenatico) has a restored, functioning trabàccolo, the Barchet, which participates in sailing events during the summer.

The Trabaccolo kit contains keel, frames and deck in pre-cut wood, fittings in both wood and metal, sail cloth, instructions and plans. Easy to build, Junior Line. These kits make it possible for all modellers to easily build perfectly scaled ships with quality materials

Length: 400mm (15.8″)


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