Swedish Gunboat- AM1550


Length: 34,5 cm

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Swedish Gunboat- AM1550 Length: 34,5 cm

This superb model of a Swedish Gunboat was designed by the famous ship architect Frederick Henrik Chapman specifically for the fjord navigation. They were built to be very light and extremely easy to manoeuvre. This gunboat was armed with a medium calibre gun mounted near the stern on a sliding carriage.

Fredrik Henrik af Chapman (9 September 1721 in Gothenburg – 19 August 1808) was a Swedish shipbuilder, scientist and officer in the Swedish navy. He was also manager of the Karlskrona shipyard 1782-1793. Chapman is credited as the world’s first person to apply scientific methods to shipbuilding and is considered to be the first naval architect.

Chapman was the author of Architectura Navalis Mercatoria (1768) and several other shipbuilding-related works. His Tractat om Skepps-Byggeriet (“Treatise on Shipbuilding”) published in 1775 is a pioneering work in modern naval architecture. He was the first shipbuilder in Northern Europe to introduce prefabrication in shipyards and managed to produce several series of ships in record time.

He was ennobled as “af Chapman” in 1772, after the successful coup of Swedish king Gustav III.

The Swedish Gunboat- AM1550 kit features single plank-on-bulkhead construction, wood and metal fittings including cast metal oarlocks, anchors and cannon barrel, laser-cut wooden structural parts, dowels, pre-printed sails and flag, rigging line.

Note that Instructions consist of a single sheet of plans with diagrams. Text labels in Italian.

Scale: 1/40
Length: 13.8″
Height: 8.5″

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