Swampscott Dory – BlueJacket

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(BJ-KLW114) Length 18″ / Scale 1″=1′


Swampscott Dory (BJ-KLW114) Length 18″ / Scale 1″=1′

The aristocrats of their clan, Swampscott Dories were the most highly refined variant of the dory type ever made. Originally built for inshore fishing and lobstering along the coast of Massachusetts, their speed, ease of handling and seaworthiness soon made them popular as recreational sailboats. Developed when wide clear pine boards were cheap and plentiful, the Swampscott Dory had only four strakes (planks) to a side, saving labor and permitting rapid construction.

BlueJackets model shares these characteristics – – it is simple and quick to build. The kit is complete with laser-cut frames, planks, transom and centerboard, mahogany thwarts, sailcloth, rigging line and all necessary fittings.

A good kit for an inexperienced builder, it is satisfying for any modeler.

Display Cradle included.

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