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1:12 scale



Slo-Mo-Shun IV (BB520)

In the years before the Mariners and other local big league sports teams, Seattle had the Slo-mo-shun IV hydroplane – “Slo-mo” for short. This speedy vessel’s designers, builders and racers, Anchor Jensen, Ted Jones, Stan Sayers and Lou Fageol became household names when they set the world water speed record on Lake Washington and won the coveted Gold Cup in Detroit in 1950.When the three men met early in 1949 at a Seattle sailboat shop, none of them could have foreseen the peculiar and far reaching consequences of their joint venture to build a better race boat. Slo-Mo-Shun IV was indeed better than any previous race boat. But she was more than that, Slo-Mo IV touched the hearts of thousands who cheered her on and changed forever the way generations of Seattleites feel about the first week in August. Kit includes laser cut wooden hull and wooden strips, stern tube with shaft, rudder, fittings set, plan and manual. The Manual has English translations, all measurements are in metric.

While the Billing Boats kit comes with all of the parts you’ll need to complete the model as well as English translations of hte instructions, most builders find their manuals to be hard to read. WE would advise looking them over before purchasing you can find a PDF here

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Weight 25 lbs


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Billing Boats of Denmark has been a major manufacturer of wooden ship model kits since 1958. Kits are either plank-on-bulkhead wood kits or feature ABS plastic hulls. Many are designed for radio control (RC) operation.
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