Slim Line Diagonal Cutter (PPL7341)

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Slim line, smooth jaws with spring – Ideal for delicate jobs – For modelling, electronics, jewellery & beadcraft


Slim Line Diagonal Cutter (PPL7341)

Box Joint Slim Line Diagonal Cutters

• Slim line, smooth jaws with spring
• Ideal for delicate jobs
• For modeling, electronics, jewelry & bead craft

Modelcraft Box Joint Slim Line Diagonal Cutter (PPL7341)

These slim profile, fine cutters are ideal for delicate assembly work in model making, electronic and jewellery applications. They feature box joint construction for maximum strength and accuracy, jaws and points that are perfectly aligned, and comfortable grips with spring openings.

PPL7341 Diagonal Cutters
Length 110mm

PPL7342 Bent Nose Pliers
Length 115mm

PPL7343 Round Nose Pliers
Length 120mm

PPL7344 Flat Nose Pliers
Length 120mm

PPL7345 Chain Nose Pliers
Length 115mm

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