(BJ-KLW205) Length 17″ / Scale 1″=1′

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Scooter (BJ-KLW205) Length 17″ / Scale 1″=1′

This is an accurate model of the personal boat of the owners of BlueJacket Ship crafters. Fast, fun and agile among the rocky islands of Penobscot Bay, Scooter has become a familiar summer sight in the busy harbor of Camden, Maine.

Brought back to as-new condition, she won First Prize for power boat restoration at the 1995 Wooden Boat Show in Southwest Harbor.

The kit contains everything you need to build her for yourself: laser-cut plywood keel and frames, basswood sub-planking, rich mahogany planking for the finished deck and hull, cloth seat upholstery, specially designed cast Britannia fittings, dry transfer lettering and flags.

Four sheets of full size plans and an illustrated instruction booklet are included.

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