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Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by Dusek Ship Models (D018)
Length 33.1″ Scale 1/72


San Martin (D018) Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by Dusek Ship Models
Length 33.1″ Scale 1/72

Flagship of Spanish Armada

Sao Martinho (48 guns). Known in Spanish as San Martin and in English as Saint Martin. Flagship of the commander-in-chief (Fleet Capitana), the Duke of Medina Sidonia and Maestre Francisco Arias de Bobadilla, the senior army officer. (São Martinho had an overall length of about 180 feet (55 m) with a beam of about 40 feet (12 m). She carried the aforementioned 48 heavy guns on two enclosed gun decks, plus multiple smaller weapons).

Sao Martinho had suffered already heavy damage in the battle of Gravelines in July 1588 when a group of English ships led by Sir Francis Drake in Revenge bore down upon her. With the assistance of the galleon São Mateus she escaped the attack and led the Armada back to Spain through a ferocious storm, where she had to be towed into port at Santander. Because of a storm, Sao Martinho had to take refuge at Laredo, where Medina Sidonia found the galleass Napolitana and other ships in harbor. The ship was full of sick crew and was itself in sad condition.

Does not come with tools, paint, glue, display stand or pedestals.

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Dusek is a family-owned business located in the Czech Republic. They are focused on the design and manufacture of high quality wooden ship and architecture kits. Their business was started in 2007 with only one kit – the Greek Bireme. They now produce more than 20 different kits.

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