s/s Mariefred – Turk




NC35-100 Nordic Class Boats s/s Mariefred

s/s Mariefred is the steamship that is owned by Gripsholms-Mariefreds Ångfartygs AB and has been serving the route Stockholm – Enhörna – Mariefred since 1903. It is probably the ship that has been serving the same route for the longest consecutive years and still doing it with it’s original steam engine. The ship is an important part of shipping history in the lake Mälaren and it is in service every summer. This scale model is a representing how the Mariefred looked when it was new in the early 1900′s. The kit can be fitted for R/C but no R/C parts are provided.

Scale 1:32
Dimension in Inches:
Height: 13.0
Width: 6.3
Length: 36.6