Rotacraft Fine Cutting Saws (22mm) – ModelCraft

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• Fine cutting saws
• For use on plastics, soft wood and non-ferrous metals
• Choice of 3 diameters: RSA2102/15mm, 19mm & 22mm
• 2 x22mm
• Ideal for hobby, craft, electronics, restoration, small DIY and renovation


Rotacraft Fine Cutting Saws (22mm) x 2

These 2 22mm fine cutting saws are perfect for use on plastics, soft wood and non-ferrous metals.

Cutting & Grinding
• Carborundum slitting discs for cutting screws, bolts, nails, wire, chain & plastics
• HSS mini saw wheels for cutting wood and plastics
• Diamond mini saw wheels for cutting thin hard metals & soft metals
• Grinding wheels & stones for de-burring and general grinding tasks on metal, stone, wood and plastics. Also for sharpening work on metal.
• Milling cutters for a variety of hollowing, carving, shaping and engraving work on wood, metals and plastics.