Carborundum Cutting Discs (38mm) – ModelCraft


• Used for precise slicing through thin metal, plastic, wood and stone work pieces
• Maximum speed 30,000 rpm.
• Diameter 38mm x thickness 1.0mm and use with screw top mandrel
• Ideal for track cutting
• Approach the work piece at an angle, from the top let the tool do the work


Rotacraft Carborundum Cutting Discs (38mm) x 5
This 5 x 38mm carborundum cutting discs is used for precise cutting through thin metal, plastic, wood and stone work pieces, it has maximum speed of 30,000 rpm, diameter 38mm x and a thickness of 1.0mm. It has a screw top mandrel that is also ideal for track cutting.

The Rotacraft collection includes a selection of Abrasives, from mandrels, sanders to carborundum cutting discs for effective material removal and shaping on wood, plastics, stones and metals. These excellent tools are generally great for cleaning, de-rusting, de-burring, shaping & removing.