Police Patrol Car Kids Kit – Artesania Latina


40 parts and 170 mm in length


Within the Art&Kids Collection series, you will find an extensive catalogue of wooden models, ideal for introducing the youngest members of the household to modelling in wood and awakening their creativity and ingenuity. With the wooden model of the Police Patrol, the children over 8 years old and adults themselves get high levels of fun: easy assembly, high-quality materials, moving parts (wheels, doors and decorative elements), safe stickers, glues and paints for the little ones and instructions on DVD.

This scale model for children of the Police Patrol features 40 pieces and when finished is 170mm long. Choose between Guardia Civil, Carabinieri, Gendarmerie or British Police. The ultimate building game for kids!

– Wooden modelling kit for boys and girls over 8 years old.
– 40 parts and 170 mm in length.
– Easy to assemble, paint and decorate.
– DVD with step-by-step instructions for easy assembly.
– Precut pieces of wood.
– With moving parts, stickers and special white water glue for children.
– Includes brush and a pack of 6 acrylic water paints. Like glue, the paint comes off easily from the skin and clothes, designed for the little ones.
– Sandpaper.