Period Ship Kit Builder’s Manual


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Period Ship Kit Builder’s Manual

by Kieth Julier

196 pages



Period Ship Kit Builder’s Manual by Kieth Julier

Generously illustrated and fully detailed, this new manual from expert modeler Keith Julier provides a practical guide for craftsmen who want to build their historic models from a kit.

From the initial planning and kit selection through the various stages of construction, Julier takes the myth and mystery out of what many consider to be a complex subject, using easy-to-follow explanations, simple terminology, and more than one-hundred photographs to help modelers complete their projects.

Some of the many topics covered include: which adhesives to use, finishes and fixings to make your model stand out; which tools you need and which ones aren’t as necessary, maintenance once the model is complete and safely securing your model to a stand; history of model ships and accuracy in the models versus the real ships; hull planking techniques; wales and rails; stern and quarter galleries; sails and how to cut and sew them; yards and spars how to properly cut and taper the dowels; standard running and rigging (which many new builder’s have a harder time with); kit manufacturers and available products within those same manufacturer’s; and much more.

Pointing out the pitfalls of modeling and how to avoid them, Julier’s latest guide will be of particular interest to beginning and intermediate modelers, but more experienced hands will also find much of value.

The Period Ship Kit Builder’s Manual by Kieth Julier is 196 pages of invaluable information for those just starting out in the wonderful world of model ship kits in paperback format.

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