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Oseberg (BB720)

The Oseberg ship (Norwegian: Osebergskipet) is a well-preserved Viking ship discovered in a large burial mound at the Oseberg farm near Tønsberg in Vestfold county, Norway. This ship is commonly acknowledged to be among the finer artifacts to have survived from the Viking Era. The ship and some of its contents are displayed at the Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy on the western side of Oslo, Norway.

The ship, which was excavated by Swedish archaeologist Gabriel Gustafson and Norwegian archaeologist Haakon Shetelig in 1904–1905[2] was discovered in the Oseberg burial mound (Norwegian: Oseberghaugen ved Slagen from the Old Norse word haugr meaning kurgan mound or barrow). They also contained two female human skeletons as well as a considerable number of grave goods. Scientific dating of the ship suggest it was buried no earlier than 834, but parts of the ship date from around 800, and other parts of its structure may be older.

Billing Boats kit comes with laser cut parts, wood for planking, fittings in plastic and metal as well as sail cloth. While the kit does come with instructions, may find the company’s instructions to be hard to understand. you can view them here and here.

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Billing Boats of Denmark has been a major manufacturer of wooden ship model kits since 1958. Kits are either plank-on-bulkhead wood kits or feature ABS plastic hulls. Many are designed for radio control (RC) operation.
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