Norske Love


(BB437) Length 39.76″/Height 35.43″/Width 7.87″/Scale 1:75


Norske Love (BB437) Length 39.76″/Height 35.43″/Width 7.87″/Scale 1:75.

A three-masted warship launched in about 1643 displacing 1076 tons, the Norske Love was originally named for the Danish coat-of-arms, and was renamed the Oresund in 1772.

The vessel was used as a guard boat in the Oresund and other coastal waters around Denmark, and was deleted from the naval register in 1798.

Traditional plank-on-bulkhead construction featuring laser-cut parts and single layer planking

Complete fittings in wood, brass and plastic.

Illustrated instruction book and plans

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Weight 14.56 lbs