Micro Rigging Tools for Ship Model – Artesania Latina


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The Micro Rigging Tools made by Artesania Latina are an essential tools for ship modeling. Build all the sails of any wooden model ship. They are made of stainless steel with high quality materials, which ensures their resistance and longevity, thus meeting the demands of our customer friends.

These Tools contain five fundamental naval modeling tools: four pushers or guides to manipulate the threads and a hook to pull of the threads themselves. The pushers or guides have a variety of straight and curved shapes for greater comfort in any work position that must be adopted.

Regarding the uses of the micro tools for ship model rigging made by Artesania Latina, these allow the ship modeler to be able to assemble with greater ease and precision all the rigging of any miniature naval replica, all its sails.

These specific tools allow you to guide the threads when you are on the process of building the ship scale model rigging as they help to pass the aforementioned threads through a hole, direct them exactly to the places you want and to tie them to a rod or bit, among other functions.