Mary Taylor


(BJ-K1014) Length 20″ / Height 18 1/2″ / Scale 3/16″=1′

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Mary Taylor (BJ-K1014) Length 20″ / Height 18 1/2″ / Scale 3/16″=1′

With the emergence of New York as the nation’s greatest seaport in the 19th Century, a new type of vessel appeared — The New York pilot boat. Speed and maneuverability were of the essence, as the fiercely competitive pilots raced to be the first to greet each incoming ship. In this struggle for piloting fees, the schooner Mary Taylor was a formidable contender, as she was unusually fast – – no wonder, since she was designed by George Steers, who later made history as the designer of the most famous yacht in the world…America

BlueJacket’s kit is a revised (and rescaled) version of a 1/8″ scale kit last sold by BlueJacket in the early 1980’s. Now in 3/16″ scale, it is an excellent small model for the less experienced builder, providing an interesting subject for any modeler.The kit includes full sized plans, complete instructions, a pre-carved basswood hull, photo-etched brass and finely-cast Britannia pewter fittings, colorful laser-printed flags, rigging line and all the other materials you need to complete a beautiful model of this handsome little schooner.

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