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Length 14.4″ Scale 1/72″

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Maria HF31 North Sea Fishing Boat (D016) Historic Scale Wooden Model Ship Kit by Dusek Ship Models
Length 14.4″ Scale 1/72″

Maria HF31 – Sea Ewer from northern Germany

The “Maria” worked out of Finkenwerder in northern Germany as a deep-sea fishing boat for seventy years before finding her final berthing in the Marine Navigation exhibit at the Deutsches Museum.

The history of the “Maria” is told in a book by Jobst Broelmann und Timm Weski. It began in 1880 in an era marked by great sailing fishing vessels and extended to the post-war era. The record of this unusually long time at sea and the recollection of episodes of life on the “Maria” result in a vivid presentation of deep-sea fishing out of Finkenwerder. The events on board the “Maria” (two fatal accidents, damage and collisions) compared to accident statistics and casualty lists extracted from carefully studied original sources yield a representative picture of the dangerous work of fishermen and their conditions of living.

Does not come with tools, paint, glue, display stand or pedestals.

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