Mahogany Runabout


Mahogany Runabout (BJ-KLW203) Length 30″ / Scale 1″=1′

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Mahogany Runabout (BJ-KLW203) Length 30″ / Scale 1″=1′

An elegant model of a type of speedboat popular in the 30’s and 40’s. Still in demand today, gleaming runabouts like this plied virtually every fashionable waterway.

The Laughing Whale model reproduces even the construction methods used, with diagonal structural planking topped with varnished mahogany horizontal planking and is as impressive as a display model as it is throwing up a rooster tail wake o a placid pond.

A detailed instruction book with suggestions for the R/C layout, makes it easy to cruise your own waterway.

The kit includes everything you need to build this beautiful boat.

Laser-cut frames and deck parts, brass and cast pewter fittings,, cast resin upholstered seats, lexan windshields, bright paper flags, even dashboard dials and display cradle are included.

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