M15 Monitor – Dean’s Marine

Scale 1/100
Length 545mm
beam 100mm



M15 Monitor

Details of the kit
Scale 1/100
Length 545mm
beam 100mm
The fibreglass hull in this kit is with full plating detail.

Computer generated LASER CUT 1.5mm H I Ps plastic forms the decks and 1mm LASER CUT for the superstructure

A complete set of fittings are included in the kit with all detail parts such as weapons, deck fittings, etc, cast in light alloy and resin. A SHEET OF BRASS ETCHED DETAILS to add the museum quality of details, Propshafts in stainless steel are cased in brass proptubes, Vacformed parts for motor mounts, Funnel, ships boats and battery boxes, comprehensive instructions, a C/D of the assembly of the original model with over 600 pictures, and a FULL SIZE PLAN In colour, to assist in the assembly of this unusual model with a fascinating history for those that like a model to talk about.

M15 Monitor History of the ship
Intended as a shore bombardment vessel, M15’s primary armament was a single 9.2 inch Mk X gun which had been held as a spare for the Drake-class cruiser and Cressy-class cruiser

In addition to her 9.2 inch gun, she also possessed one 12 pounder and one six pound anti-aircraft gun.
She was equipped with Triple Expansion steam engines rated to 800 horse power that allowed a top speed of eleven knots.
The monitor’s crew consisted of sixty nine officers and men.

HMS M15 was ordered in March, 1915, as part of the War Emergency Programme of ship construction. She was laid down at the William Gray shipyard at Hartlepool in March 1915, launched on 28 April 1915, and completed in June 1915.
First World War

M15 was towed to Malta in July 1915, where she received her main armament. She then proceeded to Mudros, and later was involved in the defence of the Suez Canal.

After bombarding Gaza as part of the Third Battle of Gaza, on 11 November 1917, M15 and the destroyer HMS Staunch were torpedoed by UC-38. 26 men lost their lives in the sinking of M15.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 15 × 15 in


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