LED Spectacles and 5 Lenses

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Comfortable, lightweight spectacle frame – 5 precision interchangeable lenses – Plastic protection case for lenses – Fitted with 3 x LR1130 batteries


Lightcraft LED Spectacles and 5 Lenses (LC1770)

Ideal for close-up precision work leaving your hands free. This set includes 5 interchangeable optical lenses & detachable twin bulb LED spotlight. For close-up professional, craft, hobby or DIY projectsSpecifications-Magnification 1.0x working distance 250 – 350mm (10 – 14”)-Magnification 1.5x working distance 200 – 300mm (8 – 12”)-Magnification 2.0x working distance 175 – 275mm (7 – 11”)-Magnification 2.5x working distance 125 – 250mm (5 – 10”)-Magnification 3.5x working distance 75 – 125mm (3 – 5”)

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