LCM-6 Mike Boat – Dean’s marine


Scale 1:24
Length: 710mm (28 inches)
Beam: 185mm (7.3 inches)


LCM-6 Mike Boat

In the world of L C Ms the major players are the LCM-3, LCM-6, and LCM-8. The LCM-3 and LCM-6 are similar except the -3 is 50 feet long and the -6 is 56 feet long.

The main use for the boat was hauling all sorts of cargo. The next step up would be either and LCU or LSU (Landing Craft Utility/Landing Ship Utility).

By the time that the VN War cranked up, the LCM-3s were pretty worn out and were the basis of pusher boats around harbours. The LCM-6 was the main workhorse.

Details of the LCM-6 Mike Boat kit
Scale 1:24; Length: 710mm (28 inches); Beam: 185mm (7.3 inches)

The fibreglass hull in this kit is with full rubbing strip detail.  Computer generated LASER CUT 1.5mm H I Ps plastic forms the main tank deck and basic superstructure. Engraved detail is laser etched in to the deck surfaces such as walkways, weld marks and position lines. A complete set of fittings are included in the kit with all detail parts such as weapons, deck fittings, etc, cast in light alloy and resin, Propshafts in stainless steel are cased in brass proptubes.

These, together with a comprehensive instruction to show a selection of methods of operating the bow door via ension cables, standard servo, or small sail winch and a FULL SIZE PLAN and c/d of build pictures assist in the assembly of this impressive and interesting model. A color chart, plus a set of decals are included in the kit to add the finishing touch to this kit model as a worthy and much requested addition to our warship range. The model has been designed to carry a 1/24th scale RTR R /C tank (not included)

Note – RTR R /C tank pictured is not included