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(D021) Length: 29.7″ / Height: 25.8″ / Width: 10.0″ /Scale 1:50



La Belle Poule (D021) Length: 29.7″ / Height: 25.8″ / Width: 10.0″ /Scale 1:50

La Belle Poule is school schooner of French navy.

The ship, together with her sister ship Etoile, was launched at shipyard F’champ at Normandy on 8 February 1932. She is 37.5 meters long and has a displacement of 225 tons.

The ship is able to sail up to 12.5 knots under sail, and up to 9 knots powered by diesel engine.


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Weight 10 lbs



Dusek is a family-owned business located in the Czech Republic. They are focused on the design and manufacture of high quality wooden ship and architecture kits. Their business was started in 2007 with only one kit – the Greek Bireme. They now produce more than 20 different kits.

Dusek kits feature laser-cut wooden parts, plastic detail parts, wood and metal fittings, rigging cord, and well-illustrated instructions and plans.
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