Kalle Steam Tug (Aero-naut)


Width 8.66 in (220mm)
Height 18.89 in (480 in)
Length 29 in (737 in)
Scale 1:33
Plastic Hull

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Kalle Steam Tug
Item no .: 303200
Category: work ships, ship models
EAN: 4012230001609
Difficulty level construction: 3/5 (advanced)
Model version : kit with finished hull
Material hull: plastic
Length: 737

The Kalle steam tug is based on a steam-powered tug with the essential features using high-quality fittings. The model is designed to be driven by an electric motor and has good and prototypical driving characteristics when using an electronic speed controller.

This lifelike, detailed replica was achieved by combining widely prefabricated plastic and wooden parts. The generously designed hull offers sufficient space for the installation of the motor, remote control and battery. The built-in components can be easily reached by simply removing the structure. With the Kalle model, you are sure to attract the attention of all model shipwrights and spectators on any body of water.

Width 8.66 in (220mm)
Height 18.89 in (480 in)
Length 29 in (737 in)
Scale 1:33

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 20 in