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(OC14002) Length 33-3/4″ / Height 24-3/4″ / Width 6-1/3″ / Scale 1:60


Jabeque Cazador (OC14002) Length 33-3/4″ / Height 24-3/4″ / Width 6-1/3″ / Scale 1:60.

Built from the mid 1600s to the mid 1800’s, Xebecs were used as merchantmen and warships. Displacing 250 tons, they usually carried 24 guns and up to 350 sailors. They were the fastest and most agile vessels of the Mediterranean, easily outrunning larger, slower ships. If the wind died, Xebecs relied on a set of 10-20 oars to get out of any situation. But because of their low freeboard and shallow draught, they did not fare well in heavy seas.

Many European states, including France, Spain and Britain integrated Xebecs into their navies.

OcCre’s plank-on-bulkhead Jabeque Cazador kit uses laser cut wooden parts and double planking in flexible lime-wood and rich African walnut. The lifeboat is built strake by strake, just like the real thing.

Original armament is replicated with 24 brass cannon on bronzed metal carriages and 12 brass falconets. In addition to brass belaying pins, eyebolts and rings, gudgeons and pintles, you’ll get many photo-etched detail parts.

Finely cast white metal ornamentation is well detailed and plentiful. Pre-sewn cloth sails, silk-screened flag and three diameters of rigging complete the model.

Two double-sided sheets drawings with two-color rigging plan and pictorial instructions with over 100 photographs assure trouble-free construction.

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