Il Relitto – Mamoli

(MM69) Length 11.8″/ Height 9.4″/ Scale 1:300



Il Relitto (MM69) Length 11.8″/ Height 9.4″/ Scale 1:300

Mamoli’s mini kits feature solid hulls that are pre-carved and perfectly shaped. All you need to do to the hull is sanding.

They are well detailed, with fine grained wood dowels for the masts and spars and individual planking strips for the decks.

Wreck of a typical Brigantine 17th century. Scaled fittings include metal parts, cotton rigging and silksreened flags. One to one plans and simple instructions make this an easy 15 to 20 hour kit.

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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs



Mamoli is one of the classic wooden ship model kit brands from Europe. Originally an Italian manufacturer, their product line is now being revised and maintained by wooden ship kit manufacturer Dusek.

Mamoli kits include popular subjects featuring plank-on-bulkhead construction using double-planking for ease of construction and quality of the finished model. Their Mini-Mamoli line features simple, pre-carved solid hulls, with simplified details for quicker completion time and easier construction.

Mamoli plans include numerous detail diagrams and instructions written in English, Italian, French, and German.