Hunter-Q – Amati


Scale: 1:60 Length: 58 cm


Hunter-Q (AM1450) Scale: 1:60 Length: 58 cm

The Hunter-Q is a model of schooner-rigged merchant ship built in the early nineteen-hundreds, mainly used as a bulk carrier during peacetime. The Hunter was originally a British Merchant Navy ship. Precut wooden frame assembly. Single planked hull construction in Walnut. Planked Tanganyka decks. Hull and deck fittings made from Brass, Walnut, Boxwood, and Beech. Cast Metal decorations. Ramin mast and yards. Various sizes of cord for standing and running rigging. Walnut deadeyes and Walnut or Boxwood rigging blocks. Multi-language instruction manual.

Scale 1:60
Length 22.8” Height 18.9″

Q-ships, also known as Q-boats, decoy vessels, special service ships, or mystery ships, were heavily armed merchant ships with concealed weaponry, designed to lure submarines into making surface attacks. This gave Q-ships the chance to open fire and sink them. The use of Q-ships contributed to the abandonment of cruiser rules restricting attacks on unarmed merchant ships and to the shift to unrestricted submarine warfare in the 20th century.[1]

They were used by the British Royal Navy (RN) and the German Kaiserliche Marine during the First World War and by the RN, the Kriegsmarine, and the United States Navy during the Second World War (1939–45).

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